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What are forklift attachments?

A forklift is more than a forklift when it has attachments. Forklift attachments are designed to make material handling simpler and more efficient. Attachments can bring versatility to your forklift operations such as enabling a lift truck to push, pull, clamp, lift, side shift and rotate any load imaginable.

Do I need forklift attachments?

Forklift attachments can easily be swapped out, allowing your workers to go from one task to another quickly. These attachments will allow you to reduce forklift operating hours, move product safely and provide excellent material handling convenience for your forklift operator. Want to improve your forklifts’ overall functionality? Curious about how forklift attachments can benefit your workplace? Here’s a few major upsides to consider!

Increased performance

Sometimes typical forks aren’t the best way to move your materials. Specific forklift attachments are available to take on a wide range of lifting tasks. The ability to swap out these attachments as needed allows for a more efficient and seamless method of task completion. Your workers are able to go from one task to another much faster while eliminating downtime.

Enhanced safety

Using the right attachment for your load is critical to decrease the likelihood of damage to the material, forklift and operator, as well as injury to other workers in the area.

Reduced labor costs

Your warehouse likely demands a lot of on-site personnel if you wish to be efficient and effective. By integrating the right forklift attachments into your daily warehouse operations, you are able to complete tasks with fewer employees, limiting employee hours overall.

Learn more about ACT Forklift’s selection of forklift attachments

There are a plethora of benefits for forklift attachments, but the success of their application depends on your industry and job at hand. ACT Forklift has provided attachments for most any purpose that can be imagined. Keep reading for more details of what forklift attachments ACT Forklift has to make your forklift work harder for you.

Carton Clamps Forklift Attachment

Carton clamps belong to the palletless handling family. This forklift clamp attachment allows a forklift to pick up pallet-free containers. Whether it’s cases of wine, vegetables, appliances, or anything in between, this forklift clamp attachment alleviates manual labor and increases efficiency in your warehouse.

Fork Positioner K Series & Fork Positioner L Series

A fork positioner allows you to hydraulically move the forks closer together or further apart, individually or together. This forklift lifting attachment is recommended for all forklift trucks handling long or irregular loads. Forklift operators are able to move the fork positioners quickly and accurately, fitting different pallet sizes from the driving position. Not only does the implementation of this forklift lifting attachment increase productivity and reduce damage at your workplace, the installation is quick and easy! ACT Forklift offers the Fork Positioner K Series and the Fork Positioner L Series. Want to speak with a specialist to find out which fork positioner is best for your job? Reach out now and the ACT Forklift team will be happy to assist.


ACT Forklift has forks for lift trucks of all makes, models and sizes at competitive prices. ACT Forklift’s product line includes a full range of truck attachments for a wide cross section of industrial and commercial applications. These fork products include high capacity forks, stainless steel clad forks, spark retardant forks, bolt-on forks, mobile weighing forks, and many more.

Integral Carriages Forklift Attachment

Increase productivity in difficult surroundings by pivoting, slope piling, sideshifting and fork positioning with a carriage forklift attachment. These durable forklift attachments maximize your lift trucks’ net capacity for loads over 10,000 pounds, improves visibility and helps negotiate narrow spaces or uneven ground. The Integral Carriages Forklift Attachments are highly customizable so that the attachment is the perfect fit for your job.

Push-Pull Forklift Attachment

This forklift attachment helps eliminate the need for pallets. Eliminating pallets helps to reduce cost and to free up space within your facility. These push-pull forklift attachments are most common in food and beverage warehouses and can also handle products such as seed, agricultural products and cement. By replacing pallets with slip sheets that slide onto a push-pull attachment, your forklift is able to handle the palletless load seamlessly.

Forklift Attachment Rotators

Forklift attachment rotators allow the forks to be turned so that loads can be revolved, dumped or poured into other containers. They have forks attached to a rotating apron that can turn between 180 degrees and 360 degrees, making the management of delicate loads easy and safe. This kind of attachment is common in industries like waste and recycling, food and beverage processing and agriculture.

Cascade Forklift Attachment Sideshifter

Side Shifters are one of the most versatile and most popular forklift attachments available. These Cascade Forklift Attachment Sideshifters allow forklift operators to safely shift a load from side to side, reducing handling time and improving maneuverability.These attachments also improve load placing actuary in the warehouse. ACT Forklift has models available to match nearly every type of lift truck backrest. This versatile attachment will allow your forklift operators to pick up loads that are not centered with precision while putting less wear and tear on the forks and vehicle.

ACT Forklift offers safe and innovative forklift solutions

If you have a very specific need, ACT Forklift has a very specific solution. We have the attachments to make your forklift work for you. Still not sure which attachment is best suited for your warehouse? Give us a call at 800-849-5438 to reach any of our locations across North Carolina and Virginia.

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