Container Handlers


ACT Material Handling can provide the most heavy duty material handlers available to do the biggest jobs out there. These container handlers have proven that they can shoulder the load.

A: Toyota container handlers can lift as much as 99,000 lbs (). And can handle 40ft and 20ft containers. Models are available for handling empty containers and loaded containers and even reach to a depth of three rows deep.

A: Container handlers are generally designed to handle both 40ft and 20th containers but the capacity may change.

A: Toyota’s loaded container handler can lift up to 6 containers high while the reach stacker container handler can lift them 5 high.

A: Container handler forklifts are designed to lift either 20’ or 40’ containers and have the capability of adjusting to lift either size container. These container handlers can lift as much as 99,000 lbs so an unloaded container is no problem. Toyota’s Loaded container handler features the ability to lift two unloaded containers at the same time, greatly reducing the time it takes to stack containers.

A: Yes, Toyota’s container handlers are designed for use on uneven surfaces. They feature dual wheels making them very stable on uneven terrain.

A: A ground-level monitoring kit and a 4-corner object detection radar are available as well as a twistlock snapshot camera. These options make it easier for the operator to be aware of the area around the machine and to clamp and release containers.

A: Maintenance schedules are similar for container handlers as smaller internal combustion engine forklifts. Since container handlers are often used in dusty conditions and in inclement weather, it may be recommended to shorten the maintenance intervals.

A: Toyota’s container handlers have robust diagnostics and equipment health can be monitored via an onboard screen. Telematics are also available, making it possible to monitor a fleet of equipment from a central site.

A: It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the personnel operating the container handler are qualified to do so. Paperwork must be maintained stating that training has been performed for each individual operating equipment that is covered by the requirement for training.

A: Toyota container handlers, like most other Toyota Material Handling equipment can be ordered to suit the need of the application. A request for a special design can be made if an option isn’t stated as available.

A: Toyota Material Handling offers a warranty on new equipment and ACT offers plans to lessen the impact of maintaining and repairing container handling equipment over time. Contact ACT to learn more about PM and GM agreements by clicking here.