Cascade Forklift Attachment Sideshifter

Cascade Forklift Attachment Sideshifter

Cascade Forklift Attachment Sideshifter

Shift a load from side to side for reduced handling time and improved maneuverability. Models available to match nearly every type of lift truck backrest. Shipped fully assembled for immediate installation with no welding required. Capacities available up to 15,000 pounds

  • *See specification sheet below for detailed information
  • Cascade Sideshifter Forklift Attachment Document


    • Reduce Damage
      to pallets, products, and racks by easily shifting the forks left or right to align them with the load being picked up, or when stacking or setting the load into a rack.

    • Faster Loading and Unloading
      due to the added ability to easily align forks with load and load stacks — no more jockeying to get the correct entry position.

    • Improve Warehouse Space Utilization
      by being able to easily position loads into a more tightly stacked arrangement.

    • Faster Cycle Times
      are obtained by laterally positioning the forks as opposed to repositioning the entire truck.

    • Reduce Wear and Tear on the Truck
      by maneuvering the truck less.

    • Increased Maneuverability
      through tight corners by shifting the load to one side avoiding having to reposition the entire truck.


    • Quick Disconnect Mounting
      allows the Sideshifter to be removed from the truck carriage without tools.

    • Pallet Protectors
      prevent damage to the top deck board of pallets.

    • Hydraulic Component Guards
      protect lift truck and Sideshifter hydraulics

    • Bronze Upper Bearings and Lower Hooks
      can be used to increase durability in highly abrasive and contaminated environments.

    • Fork Positioner Conversion
      can be done quickly and easily with all F-Series Sideshifters, giving you the ability to turn your Sideshifter into a Fork Positioner with only 9 bolts.

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