Equipment Rental



If your need for a piece of equipment is temporary, you should consider renting instead of purchasing equipment. Keep the burden of ownership elsewhere by renting a piece of equipment when you have a need, then return it when it is no longer required. We have many rental units available including: aerial work platforms, boom lifts, batteries, chargers, forklift attachments, and many other types of equipment aside from forklifts and material handling equipment.

Reasons to Rent:
  • Lower Total Cost
  • No maintenance burden
  • No need to store equipment
Not certain what you need?

Just ask us, we are glad to help. If you can simply tell us the type of job you are trying to do, we will advise you as to the type of rental unit you will need to finish your task. Our experience in the industry has made us well versed in the varied tasks required to run a warehouse, maintain a property etc. and we can make sure to direct you to the best possible solution to your problem.

*Products shown may not be exactly what is available, but are examples of the equipment that is ready to rent.

Our extensive stock of the latest model equipment includes:

*Products shown may not be exactly what is available, but are examples of the equipment that is ready to rent.

JLG Telescopic Lifts

Aichi Scissor Lifts

Forklift Attachments

Forklift Battery Chargers

Forklift Batteries

Forklift Forks

Call (800) 849-5438 to reach any of our five locations across North Carolina and Virginia for your equipment rental needs.

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift
Winston-Salem, NC

355 Business Park Dr.
Winston-Salem, NC 27107

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift
Wilmington, NC

3001 Boundary St.
Wilmington, NC 28405

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift
Bassett, VA

11 Denver Dr.
Bassett, VA 24055

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift
Cloverdale, VA

165 Simmons Dr.
Cloverdale, VA 24077

ACT Construction Equipment
Charlotte, NC

10925 Metromont Pkwy
Charlotte, NC 28269

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