Facility Improvement


Make improvements to your facility that will have a positive effect on your bottom line. Protect your equipment and personnel, store items securely, and increase your bottom line with these facility improvements.

Facility Improvements

  • Mezzanines
  • Modular/Inplant Offices
  • Cleanrooms
  • Softwall Partitions
  • Wire Partitions and Enclosures
  • Work Stations
  • Shelving, Bins, and Cabinets
  • Tool Trolleys
  • Lighting
  • Floor Repair

Mezzanine Rail Guard

Softwall Partitions



Installing a mezzanine is a great way to utilize vertical space in your facility.

Modular/Inplant Offices:

A great way to isolate equipment, reduce noise levels or provide an environment that is clean for an office in an otherwise inhospitable environment. There are many ways these modular structures can be constructed. The flexibility of modular offices allows for continuous facility improvement in the most efficient way possible.


Environmentally-controlled rooms and laboratories work seamlessly with equipment that regulates temperature and humidity and provides protection from harsh weather.

Floor Repair

Wire Enclosure

Softwall Partitions

A flexible, customizable option to solve challenging issues including cross-contamination, dust, and particulate containment, odor, overspray, fume, noise, and temperature control, a softwall partition is an economical and effective way to separate areas of the facility.


Wire Partitions and Enclosures:

Robust steel mesh enclosures and partitions are perfect for securing equipment, tools, parts, and even personnel.

Work Stations:

Functional, sturdy workstations are critical to high productivity, and we can help you find the right workstation solution for your facility. We know that your needs are specific, and our solutions are also specific. Contact us for a consultation today.


Shelving, Bins, and Cabinets:

We can provide a wide range of shelving, racking, and cabinets for light and medium-duty applications such as parts storage. Configuration possibilities are vast, and we would be glad to find you the perfect solution for your need.

Tool Trolleys:

Extremely functional, these tool trolleys make it easy to bring your tools to the area where you need them. If your work can't move, your tools can!

Tool Trolley


Shelving Bins


Let us be your lighting source, with customizable LED lighting that will increase productivity and ensure accurate work. Updating old lighting technology can bring with it an enormous saving in energy costs.

Floor Repair:

Maintaining proper floors reduces product and equipment damage and reduces the possibility of employee injury.