What is ePicker?

ePicker is an elite material handling equipment provider known for augmenting efficiency of eCommerce transactions for many applications and environments. ePicker has a wide variety of stackers, pallet jacks and access vehicles that can operate everywhere you need them, every day. Whether picking small items or maneuvering between narrow aisles, ePicker's solutions will maximize your efficiency and provide safety to employees.

ACT Forklift is your ePicker Dealer in NC, SC and VA!

ACT Forklift continues to build upon an impressive and vast inventory of material handling equipment to get any and every specific job done. The most recent addition to this extensive product line is ePicker, and our forklift experts are excited to get you introduced to the many ePicker options to add efficiency and safety to your warehouse, eCommerce, retail and other industrial and commercial applications.

Introducing ePicker's Line of Material Handling Equipment

ePicker offers a full line of electric products including electric pallet jacks, stackers, work assist vehicles, lithium forklifts, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and lithium batteries that are nothing short of high-quality. The wide array of ePicker material handling equipment offers solutions for your business application, whether it's indoor or outdoor, warehousing or retail, manufacturing, distribution, e-Commerce fulfillment, and beyond!

ePicker's Pallet Jacks: Designed to Help You Work Safe and Smart

If you're looking to move pallets and materials in your warehouse, ePicker has various models to choose from. ePicker offers lithium-powered walk-behind pallet jacks, end control rider pallet jacks, and traditional Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) deep cycle pallet jacks. With pallet jacks ranging in capacity from 2600lbs to 4400lbs, ePicker's innovative design and solid construction will provide the cost-effective material handling solution you've been looking for, and last for years to come.

ePicker's Stackers: Designed to Economically Transport and Lift Pallets or Skids

ePicker's compact-designed stackers allow your operator to work in tight areas where a traditional forklift will not fit. Lift capacities range from 2200lbs to 4000lbs and heights from 62” to 177” with the ePicker stackers. These machines are designed specifically to meet your most challenging space with efficiency and ease.

ePicker's Lithium Forklifts: Lithium-Ion Technology Stores More Electricity for a Longer Period

ePicker offers lithium forklifts with advantages like increased productivity, equipment longevity, less environmental impact, and improved energy bills. ePicker's lithium forklifts can keep up with your fast-paced operations and the ever changing challenges of the supply chain. You can expect fast charge times, low operating costs, and long-lasting shifts.

ePicker's Work Assist Vehicles: Designed for Operator Comfort, Accurate Steering, Employee Safety

ePicker's Work Assist Vehicles have not met a business scenario that they cannot improve! These machines are ideal for small warehouses, convenient stores, e-Commerce, retail, and commercial applications to get the job done. With working heights ranging from 12' to 24', ePicker units provide flexibility and safety for any operation.

ePicker's Automated Guided Vehicles: Get the Most Out of Automation in Your Warehouse

Be sure you're getting the most out of automation in your warehouse. ePicker's partnership with Anantak takes your operation to the next level with the most innovative technology to increase activity and improve throughput time in busy environments.

ePicker's Lithium Batteries: Lithium-Ion Technology Boosts Productivity

Lithium-Ion technology is becoming standardized for most electric vehicles and equipment in the material handling realm. Lithium-Ion batteries are lightweight, allow opportunity for charging during shifts, require little to no maintenance and do well in cold storage applications. ePicker sees just how much this Lithium-Ion technology can boost productivity.

What industries and applications can ePicker serve?


We understand that with the rise in demand in eCommerce, time is of the essence. Where overnight deliveries are promised, ePicker meets you with solutions to keep your orders moving as fast as checking out from your online shopping cart at your favorite retailer's site.


Shelves need restocking when maintaining a retail location and sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to do it. Within the ePicker fleet, there is surely a tool to help you get that job done.

Delivery Fleet

ePicker material handling solutions keep your product flowing quickly and efficiently whether you are traveling across the warehouse or to the next picking station.

Convenience Store

Your stock moves fast and that's how you know that convenience is key! Stay on top of that fast-moving stock with ePicker vehicles that are specially designed to help you in tight spaces and keep your employees productive when time is of the essence.


Whether you're picking up small items or moving larger inventory, ePicker's fleet of products has options to keep your demanding and diverse warehouse duties running smoothly.


Moving products from one place to another is imperative in manufacturing. It can take a lot of coordination to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Find the ePicker product that fits your specific needs at ACT Forklift!

Unsure about which ePicker product will suit your specific warehouse or e-Commerce needs? A forklift expert at ACT Forklift is prepared to walk you through the features and benefits of every ePicker product to ensure you're able to make an educated purchase. Come by and see our inventory as well as our staff and we'll get you started!

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