Electric Forklift CDP18TVL

EP Forklift Dealer Electric Forklift CPD18TVL

Electric Forklift CPD18TVL

Fully designed around the advantages of lithium technology, the TVL series features a compact size for narrow aisle warehouse applications and ensures the best in operation comfort and stability.

Powered by the 80V 5kW dual drive motors, the TVL series has greatly enhanced its productivity with 6 working hours per charge.

The TVL series can be applied to almost every work application. It meets indoor warehousing transportation demands, especially for narrow aisle applications, due to its small turning radius of 61in. It also performs well when it comes to loading and unloading at docks or flatbed trucks — thanks to its powerful 80V battery performance.

The TVL series forklift comes with a compact-sized 80V/205Ah EP Li-Ion battery and an 80V/35A single-phase integrated charger with 16amp plug allowing the truck to be charged at any power outlet.

  • CAPACITY:3,500 lbs.
  • Electric Forklift CPD18TVL

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