High Capacity Reach Truck Toyota Forklift

Toyota High Capacity Reach Forklift for Sales

High Capacity Reach Truck Toyota Forklift

Your fast-paced warehouse environment gets a workout day-in and day-out. When it comes to moving and storing products, the last thing you need is limitations. Keeping up with evolving throughput and storage density demands while managing fluctuating SKU counts presents challenges for warehouse managers and operators. Toyota's High-Capacity Reach Truck enables you to reach higher, work smarter, and be comfortably productive regardless of the assignment. For tall tasks and heavy orders, you need the Toyota High-Capacity Reach Truck.

  • CAPACITY:up to 4,500 pounds
  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:24 or 36 Volt
  • LIFT HEIGHT:Up to 45 feet
  • *See specification sheet below for detailed information
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    Intelligently built. Comfortably productive.

    Toyota's High Capacity Reach Truck allows you to reach higher and heavier, work smarter, and be comfortably productive, no matter the task at hand.

    The multifunctional control handle allows for simultaneous use of hydraulic functions and travel while the rigid mast construction and innovative suspension system minimizes sway for precise load handling at high lift heights. The intelligent design of the Toyota High Capacity Reach Truck is the key to efficiency. The standard 7” touchscreen display puts key information, programming and diagnostic capabilities right in front of you for more control and communication with your machine than ever before.

    Touchscreen Display Features

    • Hour Meter
    • Time and Date
    • Programmable Performance
    • Reach/Retract and Coast Control
    • Weight Display
    • Optional Camera Display
    • Optional Tilt/Height Indicator

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