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What is an order picker?

Order pickers are machines that enable operators to pick individual items in a warehouse and transfer them to a pallet, trolly, or roll cage. Order pickers are lift trucks that are used to improve the productivity and efficiency of order picking within a warehouse. At its most basic, an order picker is a type of lift truck that contains a mast that your employees can stand on. The mast moves up and down, giving the picker access to any and all shelves in the warehouse.

Why do I need an order picker in my warehouse?

Moving heavy, loaded pallets is necessary when running operations at any large warehouse. We know you want to keep your inventory organized and secure in the space so that everything can be easily accessed at any time. Order pickers aid the process of picking individual items from pallets by safely lifting and lowering both the operator and items picked from pallets. These incredible machines help with efficiency, which ultimately increases profits. The faster your warehouse is able to operate, the more orders you can fulfill in a day, improving your profit margins and your warehouse’s efficiency while getting products to the end consumer in a timely manner.

Benefits of having an order picker in my warehouse

  • Order pickers allow users to access various heights quickly
  • An order picker can improve the speed at which orders are fulfilled by allowing pickers access to various levels quickly. The saved time and energy that order pickers yield can be devoted to filling additional orders and keeping your warehouse employees energetic and motivated throughout the day.

    • Order pickers enable more efficient use of space in your warehouse
    • Fitting inventory into your warehouse in a way that makes it all easily accessible takes a lot of organizational creativity. We know you want to maximize your warehouse space and leave plenty of space for bulky machinery to move through. An order picker can potentially reach the highest racks, allowing you to use all of your vertical space and still be able to pick orders from every level.

      • Order pickers can automate the guidance process, allowing pickers to focus on finding the order
      • An automated order picker is the secret to a more focused and efficient picker. Pickers can work faster and more accurately when their only job is to think about the orders that need to be filled. Distractions are limited and your pickers can get the job done with more speed and ease than ever before.

        • Order pickers eliminate the need to load and unload pallets for order picking
        • Saving time is key to warehouse efficiency. Order pickers help to eliminate the need to handle full pallets when only a few items on a pallet are needed, allowing your picker to quickly access the right items on the shelves, no matter how high. The convenience of the order picker yields greater efficiency and speed in filling orders.

          What ACT Forklift Toyota Order Pickers can help your warehouse?

          New Toyota Furniture Order Picker

          Furniture Order Picker

          ACT Forklift’s Furniture Toyota Order Picker is designed to fulfill your specialized and specific needs. Given that North Carolina’s triad area is a major furniture distribution hub, this could significantly improve your facility’s For pallet-less tasks the furniture order picker can accommodate carts or furniture platforms and lift a wide variety of large or bulky items. This furniture order picker gives you high-performance lift with superior ergonomics and enhanced visibility while also maximizing space and excellent performance. This specialized material handling product is equipped with same-time speed, lift and lower function and an on/off switch for ease of use to enhance productivity. Whether handling couches, dining room tables, or anything in between, the furniture order picker is an all-around power player that can take your fleet to another level.

          New Toyota Low Level Order Picker for Warehouses

          Low Level Order Picker

          ACT Forklift's Low Level Order Picker gives you the versatility to quickly pick products in lower bin locations while also providing access to second and in some instances even third-level racking. This Low Level Order Picker comes equipped with an elevated hydraulic operator platform, giving the operator quick and effortless access to these racking levels. We understand that often, order pickers and center-controlled riders serve the purpose of high and low level order picking, but they don’t always meet the throughput requirements for faster moving items at low levels. This productivity machine can travel while elevated and simultaneously travels and lifts/lowers, allowing the operator to get from pick to pick quickly and efficiently.

          Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift is your Toyota Order Picker dealer

          Rapid, ongoing evolution of all industries and the rising demands of e-commerce have created a need for warehouse managers to think harder and smarter about how to manage inventories. More product needs to be moved more quickly with as little downtime as possible. Allow your warehouse pickers to work smarter, not harder in these conditions. Our team of experts at Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift are standing by to help you make your next move toward a more efficient and productive workplace.

          Overall, the key benefit of an order picker is that it increases productivity in your warehouse. Order pickers give you the ability to skip the tedious work of removing and replacing pallets from racks with a forklift in order to access them, therefore reducing costs and consolidating efforts. Allow us to explain and walk through what this process could look like for your specific warehouse today! We are in the business of improving yours.

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