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Slip Sheet Forklift Attachment

Searching for a slip sheet forklift?

Have you found yourself looking for a slip sheet forklift? While there may not actually be such a thing as a slip sheet forklift, we understand what you mean and what it is you’re looking for! What you’re really looking for is a Push-Pull Forklift attachment. A push-pull forklift attachment allows you to ship, receive and warehouse unit loads on inexpensive slip sheets rather than pallets. This attachment is useful for car or van loading as it slips under the pallet-less load and pushes it off. As the material handling industry evolves, the use of slip sheets to transport and handle products rather than the use of traditional pallets becomes more of a priority.

What is a slip sheet?

Slip sheets are thin sheets made of plastic, paper or corrugated material in various shapes and sizes to fit a range of needs. Much like a pallet, they are placed underneath a load and are then used to push or pull the load on and off the forklift’s forks. Slip sheets offer some significant advantages over pallets. Here are some to take note of:

  • Slip sheets are more cost efficient.
    Many pallets can cost more than $10 per unit while slip sheets typically only run for about $1 each, making them significantly less than pallets. .
  • Slip sheets take up less storage space.
    Due to their slim nature, slip sheets take up significantly less storage space than pallets.
  • Slip sheets reduce transportation costs.
    Because of slip sheets’ lightweight design and the reduced storage space, slip sheets can greatly reduce transportation costs.
  • Slip sheets require less labor.
    Slip sheets save your employees a lot of time that would be spent loading products onto a trailer or off of a pallet. They also are easily disposable and require much less labor to be picked up or transported in your facility.
  • Slip sheets can be more environmentally friendly.
    Most slip sheets are easily recyclable and often more environmentally friendly than traditional wooden pallets that often end up being discarded in landfills.

Benefits of slip sheet and push-pull forklift attachments

The slip sheet is a great alternative to heavy, bulky and expensive plastic or wooden pallets, allowing your warehouse to eliminate the use of pallets altogether. Slip sheets are growing in popularity as companies are realizing their potential for return on investment.

Unlike pallets, a slip sheet is cheap enough to dispose of or recycle after use and does not need to be tracked or repaired. Being that slip sheets weigh much less than a wooden pallet, you can load more goods into the truck or container, minimizing shipping costs and maximizing the use of space.

To enable the use of slip sheets, a forklift truck must be fitted with a hydraulic push-pull attachment. A push pull attachment can easily be installed on a forklift, only taking a few minutes!

Push-Pull forklift attachments use slip sheets

Push-Pull forklifts allow you to ship, receive and warehouse unit loads on inexpensive slip sheets. A push-pull attachment that clamps onto the sheet and pulls the sheet and product load onto the platens. A gripper jaw at the bottom of the face-plate automatically closes at the end of the stroke and opens at the beginning so that only one hydraulic function is needed to grab and release using the sheet.

As a result, these push-pull attachments promote productive warehouse operations and require minimal maintenance.

Slip Sheet Forklift

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