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ACT Forklift carries a wide variety of outdoor trucks

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift's outdoor truck inventory ranges from trucks with many different sizes, strengths, functions, and brands. We offer outdoor trucks from manufacturers like Toyota, Manitou, Combilift and Hangcha. No matter what you decide on, the experts at ACT Forklift are here to ensure your outdoor truck is reliable and capable of handling rough terrain to handle your materials.

What are outdoor trucks?

ACT Forklift's electric outdoor trucks can lift the weight that many internal combustion trucks can lift, doing so in a quiet and clean manner without any emissions.

While electric forklifts are mainly used in indoor applications, they are able to compete with some internal combustion counterparts. They are versatile outdoor trucks too, that can even be used on moderately rough terrain.

Piggy back forklifts are outdoor forklift trucks designed to allow for one operator to drive the truck and also handle offloading the trailer with the forklift. These trucks have the added benefit of mounting to the end of a trailer for easy transport. Oftentimes, piggy back forklifts are used on construction job sites with very rough terrain.

Sideloaders are the outdoor truck perfectly fit for long materials that would otherwise be dangerous to move with traditional outdoor trucks. Sideloaders are far from the traditional forklifts. These outdoor trucks don't need to drive forward, nor do they require the operator to steer the front of the forklift toward the load to retrieve it. As you can probably infer from their name, sideloaders carry the load on the side of the machine and carry it low. What you might not realize is that sideloader outdoor trucks are very safe compared to traditional forklifts for this reason. Our collection of Combilift outdoor sideloader trucks are perfect for moving metals, lumber and concrete products on rough and uneven terrain.

ACT Forklift introduces you to some of the best outdoor trucks:

High Capacity Core IC Pneumatic

High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic - 2THD

High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic outdoor truck meets your heavy-duty material handling challenges with immense power and incredible versatility in any high-capacity operation. This outdoor truck is ideal for lumber, steel and automotive applications with its standard load capacity up to 30,000 pounds to help you move almost anything. Topped off with a durable, rugged drive axle and Dana transmission, consider yourself and your outdoor truck ready to get the job done.

Combilift Sideloader Forklifts

Combilift Sideloader Forklifts

Combilift's Sideloader Forklifts were developed to withstand demanding loads and environments. The versatility and maneuverability of this outdoor truck is unmatched with its multidirectional feature and stand-on option for narrow aisle systems. These outdoor trucks can manage through rough outdoor terrain with powerful performance. Combilift sideloader outdoor trucks have a lift capacity ranging from 5,500 lbs to 17,600 lbs to meet your most demanding applications.

48v pneumatic forklift

Toyota 48 Volt Electric Pneumatic Forklift

Toyota's 48 Volt Electric Pneumatic Forklift gives the rugged performance you need in an outdoor truck, but with quiet, reliable operation. This outdoor truck was designed with the operator in mind as it comes equipped with amenities to get the job done quicker and more efficiently. This truck's standard mini-lever controls provide comfortable and ergonomic material handling while minimizing movement. Mast options with an adjustable, slim steering column and low dashboard makes for excellent visibility during your travel and load handling.

Speak with an Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift expert about the perfect outdoor truck for your operations!

Outdoor operations require increased durability to handle materials in various conditions. Whether you're operating in the rain, on uneven terrain, or working through the snow, you need a reliable outdoor truck to get the job done without compromising safety or efficiency. Uneven pavement, dirt roads and exposure to moisture can cause devastating issues to material handling equipment that is not designed to weather the challenges. Our experts at ACT Forklift are available to lay out all of your outdoor truck options and discuss which is the best fit for your operations.

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