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Tis the season for renting material handling equipment!

As the holidays approach, there are goods moving through your city at a rampant pace. With such an influx of product and goods moving to and fro, you might find yourself in need of extra equipment to ease your material handling process. Forklift rentals are an easy way to fill gaps in your material handling needs. Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift’s team of forklift experts are ready to help.

Why do I need forklift rental services?

  • Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift understands that you might find yourself in a situation with increased demand on short notice. Our forklift experts are more than aware that the increased demand and time crunch does not allow you time to purchase more equipment and may not even justify purchasing it, so rent with us! When it comes to renting, ACT Forklift will make sure you have the correct equipment to get your work done.
  • Anticipating a peak season but can't justify a new purchase or lease in your budget? Forklift rentals can provide you the extra machinery you need while still minimizing surplus and idle-time during off-seasons.
  • Working with a fixed budget? Forklift rentals are your best bet! When you rent, you dodge any large upfront, expensive acquisition costs that require interest-bearing loans. No need to blow your budget on maintenance costs! We've got you covered.
  • If you're in the market for a forklift, but would rather try before you buy, renting a forklift will help you figure out which model will best support your needs.

Things to know when renting equipment from ACT Forklift

ACT is ready to provide you with the forklift rental, compact excavator rental, crawler excavator rental, wheel loader rental, track loader rental, articulated dump truck rental, wood chipper rental, stump grinder rental, forklift rental, scissor lift rental or other piece of equipment rental you need to keep your work moving.

We will find the solution for your specific needs with the equipment we have on hand. Trust us, we've been doing this for 50 years… our team of experts know just what you need! We rent equipment from all of our 7 locations in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. If possible, contact us a few days before you need the rental equipment. With a little advance, we can make sure to move the equipment to your nearest branch or schedule the equipment delivery before your contract starts.

It's important that you understand that an equipment “lease” and a “rental” are not the same. A lease implies that you keep and use the equipment for the amount of time stated in the lease agreement. Depending on the agreement, a lease may include a buyout option after the term has completed. A rental contract can be written for the length of time you anticipate needing the equipment, but the amount of time rented, or payments made on the rental contract implies no ownership of the equipment.

Before-You-Rent Checklist from ACT Forklift experts:

  1. The better you understand the job at hand, the more prepared you will be to determine the type of machine you will need and how long you will need it. Our ACT Forklift team of experts is happy to provide advice on the right solution for you. We are dedicated to helping you get the job done with rental equipment, so feel free to ask questions about suitability of equipment for the job at hand!
  2. Fill out our online credit application if you aren't already setup with ACT for credit (Click for Credit Application).
  3. Insurance is required to rent from ACT, so make sure to have your business insurance information available.
  4. Do you have a truck and trailer capable of picking up the equipment? Delivery is available for an additional fee if you aren't able to pick up the equipment yourself.

How much does it cost to rent equipment?

ACT's rental department stays up to date with prices from other rental firms and always rents equipment at competitive prices. ACT's specialty is providing B2B rentals to help customers like you on the job when workloads increase unexpectedly or there is a breakdown with equipment that leaves a temporary need for a machine to continue. Our team at ACT Forklift takes pride in the approach of “Experience Based Solutions,” so we are dedicated to solving your very specific problem. This includes finding rental equipment for you and offering it at a competitive rate so that your work can continue and your business can prosper.

Typical Equipment Rental Costs*:

Daily Weekly
Forklift Rental $167 - $306 $435 - $793
Electric Pallet Jack Rental $116 - $133 $284 - $317
Large Forklift Rental $306 - $1011 $793 - $4045
Rider Scrubber Rental $191 - $400 $763 - $1599
Mobile Elevated Work Platform (Scissor Lift Rental) $159 - $224 $417 - $466
Track Loader Rental $250 - $500 $750 - $1500
Compact Excavator Rental $250 - $350 $700 - $1050
Large Excavator Rental $500 - $575 $1500 - $2275
Wheel Loader Rental $325 - $375 $1300 - $1500
Woodchipper Rental $1100 - $2500 $3300 - $7500
Stump Grinder Rental $575 - $850 $1700 - $4225

*Exact rental prices may vary depending on the exact equipment you need to rent, prices shown are typical of each category/range and are not a guaranteed rate for the equipment available at the time of rental request. Prices shown do not include delivery or pickup. Delivery and pickup fees are based largely on mileage. Contact ACT's rental department today to secure your equipment rental.

Renting equipment from ACT:

Question: What types of equipment does ACT Forklift rent?
Answer: ACT rents forklifts, mobile aerial work platforms, tuggers, electric pallet jacks, stacker fork trucks, scrubbers, sweepers, track loaders, excavators, wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks (non-road use), wood chippers and stump grinders. ACT also has mulching equipment that can be rented along with applicable units.

Question: Does ACT Forklift also provide operators to use the rented equipment?
Answer: No, ACT Forklift provides rental equipment for the renter to use, we don't have operators on staff to use the rented equipment for customers.

Question: Can ACT Forklift rental associates help me decide what equipment I may need for my job?
Answer: Yes, if you can describe your job in detail, our team can give you a recommendation for the equipment you will need to complete your job.

Question: I don't know much about forklifts, can ACT Forklift give me detailed information about what may be available to move my materials?
Answer: Yes, ACT Forklift rental staff can help you understand what is available as options for your rental forklift including tire type, fuel type, fork length, weight capacity and lift height. ACT Forklift rental associates are always ready to get you the rental forklift suited perfectly for your needs.

Question: I'm interested in renting an electric forklift but am not sure about the requirements to charge it, can you help?
Answer: Yes, we have many electric forklifts ready for rent, and chargers for them as well. Depending on the size of the forklift you need to rent, we will let you know what the requirements are for each charger to make certain your electrical system is capable of connecting to the charger.

Question: I will need to drive the rental forklift on rough terrain, can ACT Forklift help me with a forklift like this?
Answer: Yes, ACT Forklift can help you with an all-terrain forklift rental. In this case, you will need at least a pneumatic tire unit, and perhaps a rough-terrain machine. If you can describe exactly what you need to do, we can get a rental forklift with rough terrain capability for you.

Question: I need a special attachment on my rental forklift, do you have attachments available?
Answer: Yes, ACT Forklift has forklifts that can operate special attachments, and in many cases, the attachments themselves that can be rented with a forklift. Attachments with special functions require an extra valve on the forklift to operate them. For example, roll clamps require the forklift to have an extra valve to operate the clamp mechanism.

Rental periods and costs:

Oftentimes, it is more cost effective to rent a machine longer than you think you'll need it to make sure you can complete your job. A longer rental period also happens to come with more discounts - one week, typically, is not much more costly than a three day rental and gives you much more time and flexibility to use the machine and complete your job. It is important to consider this especially when you are utilizing our delivery service. The fee for delivery is the same whether you have a longer or shorter rental period. Consider a weekly rental term even if you think you only need the equipment for two or three days. (Note also that some equipment has a minimum of one week rental.)

ACT specializes in renting reliable equipment to business owners, contact us today to get your rental started!


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