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What is forklift service?

You've invested in a forklift to keep your business running and growing. Your forklift can provide valuable support in your warehouse operations, but if you're ignoring your forklift's regular maintenance, then you're not getting the full benefits out of your investment.

How often you service your forklift depends on the machine's lifespan and efficacy. Just as you wouldn't skip an oil change on your car, you shouldn't put off servicing your forklift. You take care of it, and it will take care of you.

ACT Forklift's Starlift parts program

ACT Forklift's Starlift parts program is your one-stop-shop for high-quality parts for all makes of forklifts, sweepers, scrubbers, personnel carriers, aerial work platforms, tow tractors and other material handling equipment. Our forklift part experts are trained and educated with up-to-date knowledge of parts and technical information, and they are ready to ensure that your material handling equipment is and stays up and running.

Servicing your forklift: preventative maintenance

Staying on top of basic maintenance items is one of the most important things you can do. The more you use your forklift, the more frequent your maintenance will need to be scheduled. Filters need to be replaced, parts need to be greased, and several other little problems can be identified and solved before they become expensive repairs! Internal combustion forklifts need to be serviced every 250-300 hours.

When creating a maintenance schedule, it is important to consider more than just how much use the forklift gets. You should be asking questions such as how old is the equipment? Is it in working order? Does it have a history of being well maintained?

If your business is like the average single-shift operation that uses its forklift(s) 2,000 hours a year, your forklifts should be serviced about every 60 days. However, your forklift may require more frequent service if:

  • It operates in extreme temperature conditions or a dirty or dusty work environment
  • Your business has seasonal spikes
  • It uses an attachment - attachments cause the forklift's hydraulics and cooling systems to work harder.

To be sure that you’re considering all these factors, contact a technician who specializes in forklift service! Luckily, we have just the right forklift service experts to help you! Our forklift technicians can determine based on the make, model, type and age of your forklift just how frequently you'll need to service it!

ACT Forklift offers maintenance plans for forklift service

ACT Forklift has maintenance contracts designed to offer you unmatched peace-of-mind and protection of your investment. Toyota forklift maintenance plans provide ongoing upkeep of your forklift and help detect and resolve any problems before they turn into something that negatively impacts your business. No matter what maintenance program you choose, you can rely on Toyota. Typically, planned maintenance plans for forklifts cover the cost of labor, while full maintenance plans cover the cost of parts and service.

Forklift service options

The guaranteed maintenance contract is designed to take care of all your forklift maintenance and breakdown repairs in order to provide you with the highest levels of operational performance and uptime (excludes accidental damage or negligence).

The planned maintenance contract is an effective way to prevent unplanned downtime and costly repairs as we take responsibility for maintaining your forklifts according to a predetermined plan as well as ensuring they meet all safety requirements.

  • Time and material

The time and material feature is for customers that prefer to manage every aspect of their forklift repairs including planned and routine maintenance. Monthly repair bills are less predictable, so budgeting is more challenging.

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift has your forklift service solutions!

We understand forklift maintenance can be a challenge for busy managers. Whether it just falls through the crack or just seems like an unnecessary expense when the forklift is running well, it isn't always the first thing on your mind when trying to accomplish your daily tasks. However, there is no getting around the fact that skipping or neglecting maintenance is an expensive repair waiting to happen.

Properly and routinely servicing your forklift also allows you to

  • Keep it under warranty
  • Avoid accidents and expensive OSHA fines
  • Improve fleet efficiency
  • Maximize Uptime
  • Get a better trade-in value

ACT Forklift's maintenance plans are inexpensive solutions designed to protect your business against expensive downtime. With your equipment in the hands of our experienced and trained technicians, you can relax knowing your forklift is well taken care of.

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift is proud to serve customers in forklift service throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. Contact one of our forklift service experts today or stop by one of our locations below!

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