Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift is the leader in electric material handling equipment

Toyota Electric Forklift

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift is the leader in electric material handling equipment

In one of the largest product introductions to date, Toyota Material Handling increases it’s offering of electric equipment, making Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift a major competitor in electric material handling equipment in North Carolina and Virginia.

ACT Forklift is excited to introduce new and expanded electric material handling products to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your warehouse facility. No matter what environment or task you’re faced with, Toyota Material Handling has the equipment to get the job done. Want a closer look at our new and expanded product inventory? Keep reading! We’ll give you the rundown on all of our new additions of electric material handling equipment and explain their impressive features and benefits.

Powerhouse Performance

Toyota 80V Electric Pneumatic forklift

ACT Forklift’s 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift is the perfect solution if you’re looking to maintain an all-electric fleet, but need a rugged, outdoor solution. The 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift combines the power, durability and reliability of internal combustion trucks with the ergonomics and speed of electric forklifts. This electric powerhouse has a capacity ranging from 5,000 to 17,500 lbs and is ready to tackle any indoor or outdoor challenge. This lift’s AC Drive Motor delivers top travel speeds, providing longer runtimes aided by regenerative braking, which ultimately gives you more power to get more done, quickly.

Peak Electric Performer

Toyota 48V Electric Pneumatic forklift

ACT Forklift’s 48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift was designed with the operator in mind. There is no need to continue utilizing different trucks for indoor and outdoor work– this only creates inefficiencies in costs and productivity, ultimately impacting your bottom line. The 48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift comes equipped with amenities to get the job done with raw power to tackle your outdoor challenges and indoor operations in a way that’s efficient and environmentally friendly. This lift has standard mini-lever controls that offer comfortable and ergonomic material handling while minimizing movement and has a capacity ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 lbs.

The Versatility Leader

Toyota standup rider forklift

ACT Forklift’s Stand-Up Rider Forklift is one of the most versatile forklifts in Toyota’s product line. The unique dock-to-stock capability of the Stand-Up Rider Forklift makes it top of its class. Its compact design allows seamless and easy navigation through narrow aisles, allowing you to store more product in your facility. The Stand-Up Rider Forklift is more flexible and designed for 5,000 lb loads at greater heights with added durability. Let the improved ergonomics, reliability and sturdiness of this multi-purpose forklift reduce your service intervals and improve your bottom line.

Extend Your Reach

ACT Forklift’s Reach Truck allows you to reach higher, work smarter and be comfortably productive regardless if you’re moving from dock-to-stock, stock-to-dock, or anywhere in between. The open view mast maximizes forward visibility with its 4-cylinder design and the rigid mast construction minimizes mast sway for precise load handling at maximum lift heights. This reach truck delivers on efficiency and performance like never before. Don’t depend on off-the-shelf forklifts to solve your warehouse facility’s challenges when Toyota’s Reach Truck can be tailored to meet your exact specifications. Fork types, alarms, attachments, lights and many other accessories and productivity-enhancing features are configurable to meet your personal and unique needs.

A Wide Load & Narrow Aisle Solution

Toyota Multidirectional Reach Truck

ACT Forklift’s Multidirectional Reach Truck is specifically designed to handle your wide, bulky loads. This innovative alternative to traditional material handling gives you the ability to travel both parallel and perpendicular to racking, saving you time and space while increasing your overall productivity. This multi directional reach truck’s articulating load wheels allow the forklift to travel horizontally, permitting compact travel and stacking wide loads in narrow aisles without the need to turn. To provide extra assistance when working in tall racking, the optional carriage-mounted camera system displays video of the forks and pallet on the standard 7” touchscreen display for optimal control and precision.

The Pick You've Been Waiting For

Toyota Furniture Order Picker forklift

ACT Forklift’s Furniture Order Picker is designed to fulfill your specialized and specific needs. Given that North Carolina’s triad area is a major furniture distribution hub, this could significantly improve your facility’s For pallet-less tasks the furniture order picker can accommodate carts or furniture platforms and lift a wide variety of large or bulky items. This furniture order picker gives you high-performance lift with superior ergonomics and enhanced visibility while also maximizing space and excellent performance. This specialized material handling product is equipped with same-time speed, lift and lower function and an on/off switch for ease of use to enhance productivity. Whether handling couches, dining room tables, or anything in between, the furniture order picker is an all-around power player that can take your fleet to another level.

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift is ready to help you make the switch

Electric material handling equipment is becoming increasingly popular in warehouse facilities for a multitude of reasons. This is why ACT Forklift experts are well versed in this innovative and exciting shift and willing to walk you through the benefits of electric material handling solutions. Collectively, the switch to electric will yield a cleaner work environment, making for a safer and healthier workplace, reduce noise levels and enhance operator safety and efficiency, while also reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

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