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ACT Forklift offers Combilift’s side loader forklift

ACT Forklift has become a stocking dealer for a line of equipment called Combilift. Combilift is known for its side loading forklifts, four wheel steering forklifts and large specialized forklifts. Not sure if a side loader forklift is right for your business? Trust ACT Forklift to give you a better idea about these Combilift side loader forklifts and help you make a decision today.

What are side loader forklifts?

The name of these forklifts might seem pretty self-explanatory as the name derives from the design. Side loader forklifts are powerful industrial trucks that lift loads from the side. Instead of the forks being located in the front of the machine like a standard forklift, a side loader’s forks are located on the side and “reach” to pick up and place loads. A large platform built into the sideloader bears the load for stable transport. These side loader forklifts are well suited to carry long or wide loads in narrow aisles, which may be difficult for regular forklifts to navigate through.

Why does my warehouse need a side loader forklift?

Originally developed for the lumber industry, side loader forklifts have become increasingly important in external warehouses in the wood, building materials and steel industries. A number of challenges and difficulties are presented when carrying a long load with a forklift.
- When moving forward with the forks lowered, it is difficult to see the width of the load.

- When moving forward with the forks raised, it is incredibly dangerous and could result in tipping accidents.
The risk of loads shifting or falling off the forks of a typical forklift is increased with long, awkward loads.Side loader forklifts relieve many of these challenges with large, stable load bearing surfaces, large ground clearance and wide range of tire options. Combilift’s video demonstrates this!

Side loader forklifts can be considered safer than conventional forklift trucks, especially for long loads, because they pick loads up from the side and carry loads with a highly stable load-bearing surface. The operator has a full view of what is in front and behind them since the load is not blocking their line of sight. These forklifts are suitable for transporting goods in narrow aisles and can also be freely maneuvered for rapid and safe transport of long loads. Combilift side loaders’ four-way movement gives the forklift the versatility to transport very long loads through narrow doorways and around objects with confidence and utmost safety.

Combilift’s side loader forklifts deliver robust performance and exceptional maneuverability. These machines are versatile in their ability to lift ranging from 5,500 lbs to 17,600 lbs, plus stand-on options for very narrow aisle systems. They allow for maximum visibility and maneuverability, are adaptive to indoor and outdoor environments, and range in engine types: LPG, diesel and electric.

Benefits of using Combilift side loader forklifts

- Safe long-load handling
Operating a side loader forklift means no airplaning, which is carrying a long load forward with a load dangerously too long for the width of the forks, increasing the chances of impact with doorways, racking or other equipment in the area.

- Narrow aisle capability
No need to steer the forklift toward the racking to place or pick up loads.

- Improved workflow
Side loader forklifts maximize efficiency by reducing time spent maneuvering the lift to pick up and place loads while also allowing for more optimal use of warehouse space because of their maneuvering capabilities.

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Whether you’re looking to rent or buy a Combilift side loader forklift, you might be left with questions about which side loader forklift is best for your applications. ACT's team of forklift experts is ready to walk through your list of options and weigh each one out.

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