ACT Forklift's Autonomous Scrubber

Nilfisk Liberty SC50 floor scrubber

What is an autonomous scrubber?

Imagine eliminating traditional ride-on sweeper scrubbers from your workplace cleaning routine. Imagine how much more your workplace could achieve without members of your staff having to man a sweeper scrubber to clean your floors. Imagine ACT's autonomous scrubber in your factory or warehouse, bringing performance and value together!

How can an autonomous scrubber be used in my warehouse?

With ACT Forklift's autonomous scrubber-dryer, the tedious, routine task of cleaning floors can be eliminated by your workforce so your people can get more done with their time on the clock! They work to apply a cleaning solution and aggressively scrub and dry surfaces in one pass. Autonomous scrubbers are self-driving commercial floor scrubbers designed to scrub floors using advanced navigation technology. This advanced navigation technology combined with a system of lasers and cameras that guide it through complex, real-world scenarios makes autonomous scrubbers a must-have at your facility.

ACT Forklift's autonomous scrubber

ACT's autonomous scrubber is safety-certified, simple to use, and fully autonomous. While the autonomous floor scrubber takes care of the floors, your staff members can be cleaning windows, wiping down door handles, or more meticulous tasks. You'll save money on labor costs and get an all-around cleaner facility with this cleaning machine.

ACT Forklift's Nilfisk Liberty SC50 autonomous scrubbers are designed for consistent results with minimal oversight, allowing operators to focus on tasks that benefit the most from valuable human effort. This autonomous scrubber takes productivity and cleanliness to the next level.

The Nilfisk Liberty SC50 autonomous scrubber is the only OSHA-approved autonomous scrubber that includes:

  • 6 hours of run time
  • 3 scrubbing modes
  • Real-time adjustments to route changes and obstacles (including people)
  • No mapping fees - create a scrub path without an engineer required
  • User-access configuration that prevents unauthorized intervention

Last but not least, this floor scrubber leaves floors spotless and dry to reduce high-traffic slip risks.

Why do I need an autonomous scrubber?

If your operation requires clean, hygienic floors, pretty good isn't good enough! Maximize your workforce's efficiency and productivity with ACT Forklift's autonomous floor scrubber.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Interested in learning about what parts your forklift might need or what you might find in ACT Forklift's part repertoire? We've got a little reference guide for you to learn about several forklift parts and the functions they serve!

  • One autonomous scrubber is equal to three operators performing manual labor.
  • One shift per day using the autonomous scrubber amounts to an operating cost of $35,100 per year, whereas three shifts per day at the rate of $17.55 hourly rate amounts to an operating cost of $315,900 per year.

With an autonomous scrubber, many other costs are eliminated.

  • Employee turnover costs an average of $22,500 per every year (~9/year).
  • Workplace injuries cost an average of $38,000 (average direct cost of one injury).
  • Absenteeism costs an average of $32,400 per year (~9/year).
  • Quality costs cost an average of $10,000 per year (~1,000 parts/year)

With these numbers in mind, it will only take 1.47 years for you to see a return on automation investment.

On average, operators and other autonomous scrubbers miss 15% of the cleaning area. The Nilfisk autonomous scrubber offered by ACT Forklift has unique technology so precise, it provides 98%-99.5% coverage.

*Data provided by Association for Advancing Automation, 2021*

What features does ACT Forklift's autonomous scrubber have?

  • CopyCat mode: an operator guides the machine along desired cleaning path. The SC50 will remember where it went and follow the designated pattern from then on.
  • Fill-in mode: simply trace the perimeter and the SC50 chooses the most efficient path to clean the designated area. Your floors get clean without any further assistance.
  • Manual mode: gives the operator complete control over movement and cleaning; it can be used as a “normal” scrubber dryer.

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift is your autonomous scrubber connection

The experts here at ACT Forklift are ready to provide you the information and insight you need to feel secure and safe in your decision to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency in your workplace with an automated scrubber. Our Nilfisk SC50 autonomous scrubber is the #1 commercial floor cleaning machine as it relates to capability and safety. Still unsure about how this autonomous scrubber can benefit your workplace and your bottom line? No worries! Our team of experts is ready to assist you - give us a call or visit us today!

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