Spring Time Is Cleaning Time For Your Used Forklifts


Regular Spring Cleaning will keep your safety program shining too

Regular cleaning of your forklift equipment will certainly reduce the need and costs of maintenance and repairs. But it will also go a long way toward keeping your equipment safe and meeting all the specifications within your safety program.

New or used forklifts - they're all at risk of meeting with unseen issues that can lead to untimely repair costs and even unsafe work conditions. Think about it: forklifts are used in a variety of environments, which means they are exposed to, and sometimes can inadvertently pick up, shrink wrap, banding materials and other debris from the manufacturing floor. This can pose a serious maintenance issue. If plastic banding material can hold a 3,000 pound load together, imagine what it can do to brake lines, park brake systems, and other forklift parts. Debris in the internal components of a forklift can cause damage and overheating. In fact, it would only take one piece of banding to compromise the brakes or steering system in a new or used forklift. If this were to happen, an operator could lose control of the equipment, causing serious damage and perhaps personal injury.

Some handy spring cleaning tips

Regular spring cleaning of your forklifts would reveal any hidden problems of this nature, while helping your equipment continue to operate at peak function. Here are some tips for conducting a thorough spring cleaning on your new or used forklift. Keep in mind that the methods may differ if you're working with an electric forklift:

+ Always start by putting on a good pair of cleaning or safety gloves. Using your hands, remove all loose dirt and rust from the forklift surface. You can also get a good start on this with an air compressor. This will simplify the process, as it can remove a significant amount of surface dirt in hard-to-reach places. A wet cloth can than be used to wipe off other residue. Note: Always use an air compressor when cleaning an electric forklift, or any forklift where the use of flowing water would present a problem to the equipment's mechanics or load.

Core Internal Combustion Cushion Tire Forklift

Toyota stand up rider forklift

+ For non-electric forklifts, the use of a power washer can make short work out of the spring cleaning job. A pressure washer will save valuable time, especially if there are numerous forklifts to clean. Basic dirt, mud and grime are easily washed off with a pressure washer and it will prove helpful when dealing with any hazardous materials that may have spilled onto the forklift. (Always wear appropriate safety gear when dealing with any hazardous materials.) Never use a pressure washer on an electric forklift - electric forklifts contain many more electronic components than standard internal combustion forklifts and are susceptible to a higher risk of damage from a powerful force of water.

+ Make a plan to only use cleaning products that aren't toxic to the environment. Keep in mind that what you wash with will be rinsed off and drained out into the environment in some way. If it's necessary to use caustic or toxic cleaning agents, be sure to dispose of the residue safely and thoroughly.

+ Try to let your forklift dry the old-fashioned way - outside in the sun. While this will take several hours, it promotes the most thorough drying process. If you can't take the time for that, use the air compressor again for drying the inner areas, and a dry cloth for the surface areas. Be sure the forklift is completely dry before operating again.

Now your new or used forklift is in tiptop shape and ready to safely meet its demands. But remember, a forklift is only as safe as its environment, so make a practice of regularly clearing away floor debris and other potential hazards for everyone's safety.

As part of our services, ACT will clean and inspect your rental or used forklifts, aerial platforms and payload vehicles. These can include:

  • Electric Forklifts
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Internal Combustion Lifts
  • Columbia Par Car
  • StockChaser
  • Aerial Work Platforms