Forklift Tires


One of the most frequently searched questions online is “where can I get forklift repair near me?” or “forklift service near me”. Forklifts and other material handling equipment are rugged machines, built to work hard. But that very fact is what can make them subject to common and frequent problems, many of which start out small and grow into real issues. While preventive forklift maintenance is always beneficial, there inevitably comes a time when a component malfunctions and you'll find yourself at a computer keying in Forklift Repair Near Me.

If your forklift is in need of repair or service, why not treat it to specialized forklift repair so it will last as long as possible? Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift has a staff of professionals, expert at all types of forklift repair, from engine problems to load-bearing issues. Through specialized training and many years of experience, plus advanced tools and technology, we can diagnose and repair your forklift issues quickly and get you back on line with little down time. We may be able to do your forklift repair onsite, but larger jobs may require transporting it to one of our several locations throughout North Carolina and Virginia. With ACT, you can rest assured there's quick forklift repair near you.

Also, look to Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift for professional forklift maintenance that will keep your equipment running smoothly. We will check the engine and transmission for any signs of impending problems. We will check fluid levels and make sure all components are well oiled and clear of obstruction. We will check the water level in the battery, as well as run the battery through a diagnostic check to determine its condition. We will also carefully look at the tires on your forklift, which can show dangerous signs of wear if left unattended.

When Is It Time To Replace Your Forklift?

Ideally, if you practice a healthy maintenance program with your forklift, you will easily maximize its value. Remember though, that even with good care, an aging forklift will still need occasional repair. For example, an older forklift will need more frequent assessing of fluid levels to keep it running smoothly. But there will inevitably come a time when you'll need to replace your forklift rather than employing the go-to search for Forklift Repair Near Me. How will you know it's time?

These three problems will usually be a red flag that forklift repair isn't a valid option and replacement is perhaps the best option:

*Recurrent problems with the transmission

A failing transmission is a good indicator that other forklift issues will soon follow. Because of the costly endeavor of replacing a transmission, you will probably be better off economically to replace the forklift instead.

*Recurring engine failure

If your forklift is experiencing problems starting, or if it won’t start at all, it may be a sign that it’s reached its prime. Forklifts are aged by hours, not miles, and if yours is near the far end of around 15,000 hours, it’s likely on its way out. Repairing it is an option, but purchasing a new one will probably be more cost efficient in the long run.

*Maintenance costs eating up profit margin

Every forklift has two lives – its useful life, and its economic life. Simply put, if the costs of your forklift repairs are more expensive than the cost of purchasing a new one, it may be time to consider purchasing a new one. A good forklift life expectancy is about 7 to 10 years of service. By this time, maintenance costs will likely have doubled compared to the first year. As an operator or someone who keeps equipment maintenance records, you will know when your forklift is starting to slow down, and when it's time to make that next important decision. For help with forklift repair, maintenance or purchase, feel free to call Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift.