Dock Doors and Dock Seals


Your loading dock is the hub of your business - orders being delivered in, shipments heading out - so it's likely where all the action takes place. Because of that fact, there are probably some dock door issues that need to be addressed due to years of wear and tear, as well as changing needs. For example, your dock facility may have been built when shipping methods were different; load weights were less, as were truck and trailer sizes. Keeping that older dock structure in place could result in very expensive and extensive damage to equipment and buildings.

You likely either use a dock shelter or a dock door with a dock seal. A dock shelter gives you full access to a truck opening. It envelopes the outsides of the truck instead of the way a dock seal meets with the truck's backside. With dock shelters, you have more flexibility with truck widths and driver precision. Overall, shelters are perfectly suitable when an airtight seal isn't necessary. Dock seals provide the airtight feature - they thickly line the perimeter of the dock door. Dock doors with seals create an opening that requires more attention to the size of the truck and dock. In either case, using an edge of dock leveler, or portable dock leveler, may make the job easier, depending on the situation at hand.

Research shows that dock seals are the most common dock door application because of the extra level of protection they add for trucks and valuable shipments. Installed properly and with forethought, the dock seal provides a tight closure between the truck and your loading dock, keeping temperatures consistent as well as insects, dampness and other things out of your building. But because of the constant contact that is inherent in their function, the dock seal usually shows the first signs of needed maintenance. Dock seals and bumper material usually take a beating over time due to poor seal attachment and/or careless entry by drivers.

For example, if a trailer is too wide for the dock door, due to the seals not being designed or updated to accommodate its width, too much pressure could be put on the bumper, allowing the trailer to back in too deep. Over time, the bumper material would wear away and the airtight integrity of the dock seal would be gone, rendering its function useless. This could lead to dangerous stress on the building itself, causing cracks and other stress fractures.

Fortunately, ACT offers the newest equipment in dock door needs properly sized seals made of dense foam provide exceptional shock absorption, steel-faced bumpers provide durable seals around trailers, and better protection for dock openings and surrounding buildings. From dock doors, dock shelters, dock seals, and portable or edge of dock levelers, to dock boards and plates, we have the equipment you need. ACT can also help with your maintenance needs, keeping your docks operating efficiently for years to come. Call or visit us at one of our convenient locations today!