Forklift Parts Are Not Created Equal


A forklift is only as efficient as its functioning components. That's why it's crucial to maintain good quality forklift parts, and to make sure those parts are the right ones for your particular material mover. There are frequently times when forklift parts become damaged on the job, and a replacement is needed quickly, especially if a spare isn't handy. But even with that urgency in the equation, it's vital to restore forklift parts with specified replacements.

The experienced parts associates at ACT Forklift can help make sure the forklift part you need is the correct one by asking the right questions. However, before you call us, and to shorten processing time, try to have the necessary upfront information ready, such as company name, contact name, and return phone number, as these things help confirm a customer account is set up, active, and ready to process an order. If you also have your forklift's manufacturer name, model number, and serial number, the processing becomes very efficient!

Toyota Forklift Parts

As an example of the varieties of forklift parts and the necessity of getting the right replacement, consider the popular brand of Toyota forklifts. They are manufactured with their own Toyota forklift parts and components.Therefore, to maintain the highest levels of quality and efficiency, only genuine Toyota forklift parts should be considered as valid replacements. Trying to force a will-fit, generic part in its place will only cause additional function issues down the road. As an authorized Toyota forklift dealer, we offer Toyota Genuine Parts for those forklifts.

No Company Too Big or Too Small

We also offer our expert parts service and assistance to companies of any size. Small companies need the same parts as large, and often need them quicker, so ACT is always available for you. That's another reason we are strong on direct customer-to-rep phone conversations - if you have any questions about the suitability of the forklift parts, the location of the parts, assistance provided by our parts department, or other considerations like additional items needed for the replacement, shipping options, warranty coverage, etc., we'll each be able to promptly and clearly communicate those particular needs to one another. At times, you may need to get a call back from an experienced forklift parts associate, but the wait for human interaction can prove invaluable.