Industrial Equipment Techinicians Deserve A Hand


Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift salutes all of our hardworking professionals.

When we take our automobiles in for service, we immediately see the service writers, sometimes the service manager, and always the cashier at the end, but rarely the service technicians themselves. In the world of industrial equipment service, things happen differently. Industrial equipment gets serviced by similar automotive certified technicians, with the added training of forklift safety along with the manufacturer service training. These well-trained technicians, however, don't normally remain behind the scenes to practice their skill; they go to customer locations to complete a needed repair. Usually, the industrial equipment, or forklift driver is the point of contact, and sometimes a manager. In either case, this kind of one-on-one approach is a rare opportunity to experience clear and concise communication of the industrial equipment or forklift service needs.

As they visually observe the technician performing work on the service vehicle, including set up, clean up, testing, and finally getting the equipment back into service, a unique connection is made that allows all future situations to be faced with confidence in ACT's readiness to bring service on the spot. Customers also get firsthand understanding of why perhaps service work cannot be completed at the customer site, in which case it is hauled from customer site to the dealership, where ASE Certified technicians finish the repair, using computer software and some of the latest technology to help us troubleshoot.

Our forklift service technicians are backed by a team of support staff that helps connect the events from start to finish. These professionals include dispatchers, who use GPS software to optimize response time; receptionists, dispatchers, transportation staff, parts clerks, service clerks, and managers, who make sure work is completed timely, professionally, and accurately.

As industrial equipment suppliers, we have a large investment in providing exceptional service and striving to exceed expectations. And we want to always acknowledge those who sometimes go under-appreciated for their effort!

Toyota forklift technician