ACT Technicians Reach Honored Platinum Level


The 2020 Platinum Test Challenge brings together top Gold Level Toyota Technicians from a large part of the country to take a complex 100-Question examination in an attempt to attain the distinguished Platinum Level Technician status. This year brought 119 Gold Technicians together to take the test.

Leonard Szymanik Platinum Level Technician

Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift is proud to acknowledge two of our own technicians as winners from the 36 who reached the Platinum Level: Leonard Szymanik and David Stone. Both received a Platinum Level Certificate, designatory Arm Patch, and a $350.00 award card. They will also each receive a plaque bearing their name and our company name, which will hold a place of honor in the Platinum Level display case located at the headquarters in Columbus, Indiana.

Additionally, Leonard Szymanik, who is from our Wilmington branch, placed third out of 10 technicians chosen from the 36 Platinum Level Achievers to compete in this year's Platinum Skills Challenge. The Platinum Skills Challenge features various work stations, each with a different exercise to complete within a time limit. The technicians rotate through each station, attempting to complete each challenge within the given time frame. The winner of this challenge of skills will be recognized as "Toyota's Top Technician".

Leonard's and David's achievements speak to their desire to be the best at what they do, and their efforts form a very important part of why people choose to trust Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift with their material handling needs.