OSHA Forklift Operator Safety Classes & Training

Your Trainers must have Experience and be Trained!
The current regulations state the mandatory qualifications for trainers

Your Operators must be Trained and Approved!
All paperwork must be complete and meet the new regulations and requirements to remain in compliance with ANSI 1910.178.

Atlantic Coast Toyotalift provides training programs that meet or exceed OSHA Standards.

1999 : OSHA completely revises the fork lift operator safety training regulations The new regulation, OSHA 1910.178, requires the EMPLOYER to certify that his fork lift operators have been trained and evaluated. The new regulation also requires that the training be conducted by an instructor who has “Experience” and is trained in fork lift safety!

  • Training must be for specific types of equipment operated. Different classes of equipment require specific training
  • All operators must be evaluated at least every three years and refresher training must be conducted after a near miss, an accident, or if unsafe operation has been observed
  • Training records to be retained must include course outline, training materials and name of instructor and contact information
  • Training must include the similarities and differences between forklifts and automobiles, explanation of the center of gravity, stability, daily inspections and operator responsibilities

Training and Support Materials Currently Offered (partial list)
All Operator Safety Training kits are available in English or Spanish

ACT provides you with Operator Safety Training that does much more than assure your compliance with industry regulations. Our training program informs operators of the regulations, educating them as to the dangers of operating industrial equipment in the workplace. ACT understands that a more knowledgeable operator is a better operator and a valuable asset.

If you have questions about regulations that affect your business and facilities, please feel free to contact our training staff. We provide on-site assessments to help tie up loose ends, create new policies if needed, and determine the most cost effective method to accomplish the training needs in a timely manner.

Train-the-Trainer for Counterbalance or Narrow Aisle

  • TTT classes conducted at ACT Winston-Salem office for one person includes one safety kit in the cost of the training.


Additional Trainer from the same company in the same class


Scheduled Operator Safety Training Class

  • Scheduled class at each ACT branch – one per month minimum.


Operator Safety Training, Counterbalanced or Narrow Aisle

  • Conducted at customer location – ten operators maximum per class.


Electric Pallet Jack Safety Training

  • Conducted at customer location – ten operators maximum per class.


Aerial Work Platform

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Operator Safety Training Kits available for sale for all types of powered equipment
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