Industrial Batteries and Chargers

ACT offers industrial batteries and chargers for all of your material handling equipment needs. Whether it's a forklift battery of the lower voltage of 12, 24, 36 or 48 for replacement in walkies, pallet jacks, stackers, order pickers and narrow-aisle lifts, or the higher industrial battery volts of 24, 36, 48, 72 or 80 for replacement in heavy-duty, electric power forklifts, we have the stock you need, when you need it. As your dependable agent for forklifts and all material handling equipment, ACT is also one of the largest carriers of industrial batteries and industrial battery chargers for that equipment.

Our professional service department offers installation and service for your forklift battery or forklift battery charger. Whether you purchase, rent or lease the forklift or other material mover, we offer complete service and maintenance for the equipment's electric forklift battery.

Look through our extensive line of forklift batteries. Or call with one of locations with your forklift battery's voltage and any other pertinent information. If you can't find it depicted on the battery, you can determine your battery's voltage by counting the water caps on the battery that needs replacing and then doubling that number. If your old battery has 12 water caps, you're looking at a 24 volt battery. Other information, such as the current battery's dimensions, front to back, top to bottom, and side to side will help us replace it with an ideal match. If you're searching online for "forklift batteries near me", you'll come across one of ACT's convenient locations near you, or click here to contact us.