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We hear from our agricultural customers on a daily basis about the ongoing challenge of finding one piece of equipment that can help with the wide range of land work that needs to be done - sometimes all in one day. There's cattle feeding, cleaning out stalls, handling bales, digging out ponds or ditches, loading and unloading equipment, preparing silage, constructing silos, building animal houses, fences and pens. What if a company looked at every one of these needs, and more, to design the best piece of equipment and customized attachments to handle it all? Enter the Manitou forklift.

Whether you farm the land, tend cattle, raise poultry, or just need to move a lot of material, Manitou forklifts get the job started, and their many specially designed, sturdy attachments will finish the job on time and on target.

Manitou listened to you about your unique and complicated mixed-farming needs. And while a typical forklift could never take the wear and tear that your industry dishes out, a durable Manitou forklift is made just for it.This one single machine and its range of attachments will become the best hand on your farm.

The video below shows the amazing range of solutions tackled by a Manitou forklift. Not only can one of these forklifts perform the work of many people, but one unit will also take the place of many pieces of equipment. And to top if off, it's even fun to drive. After watching the video, you'll see why it's really no wonder that the Manitou Forklift is fondly known as the Swiss army knife of the agriculture world!

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