Who says restaurants are the only place to “have it your way”?

Our menu covers every taste in new forklifts and used forklifts.

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to be able to choose from a menu of options to create your personally ideal forklift? It's part of what Atlantic Coast ToyotaLift does to better accommodate our customers' individual needs. When we're out checking on our clients, we complete a survey of questions that helps us match the many available and personalized forklift options to our users' unique and varied requirements. In this way, we can "customize" the forklift for sale or lease to the specific need of the particular application.

The options are usually built around performance, cost savings, ergonomics, special attachments, and safety. Sometimes, we even get to have some fun with color options. Here is a recent picture of a delivery on new forklifts painted to match the customer requests. What better way to keep up with each forklift than to be able to refer to it by color! 

Customized Toyota Forklift

Some of our menu choices

Unless you're looking for a used forklift for sale (which we also have available) the option list for forklift customization can be quite extensive. Obviously forklifts do specific functions in specific areas and, based on their use, will need options tailored to those particular jobs. That entire list can get pretty long, but to get an idea of some popular options that work to get your projects done in the most efficient and profitable way possible, here is a list of a few option examples:

  • Customized height and width to work within your environment
  • Precise turning radius parameters for the smoothest performance
  • Operation preferences - mini levers, speed control, hydraulic controls
  • Convenient attachments - side shifter, fork positioner, lateral clamp, and more
  • Power choices- electric, LPG, diesel, special rating for hazardous areas
  • Safety components - lights, alarms, impact sensors
  • Cost savings provisions - fuel, labor, parts, and rental options

Remember, we always offer new or used forklifts for sale at any ACT location. But if you're simply looking for the best forklift for your specific application, be sure to take the time to let us evaluate that application and offer the right options. You can “have it your way" from our menu of customizable forklift options. No matter how you personally outfit yours, the quality, service and savings will always be built in!

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