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Why choose a Tora-Max electric pallet jack?

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Engineered by Toyota, the Tora-Max electric pallet jack was introduced in 2017 as a smaller, more versatile alternative to a standard forklift. Compact yet powerful, electric pallet jacks are an ideal option for high-speed, high-energy applications where space is tight. With a 4,000 lb load capacity, the Tora-Max is a compact, reliable solution that gets the job done - without taking too much out of your square footage or your wallet.

Tora-Max electric pallet jack features:

  • 24V battery pack
  • AC drive motor
  • Built-in onboard charging system
  • Programmable "click-to-creep" functionality
  • Anti-roll-back system
  • Electric disk brake
  • Speed of 3.4 mph
  • Load capacity of 4,000 lbs
  • 48" forks


The Tora-Max is primarily used to transport 48" long pallets (the industry standard) horizontally over short distances. The operator walks behind the unit, using the control handle to turn, request travel, and lift and lower the forks. This unit is not used for stacking. The forks are able to lift the product up from the ground a few inches for horizontal transport only.

ACT Forklift's electric pallet jack warranty

ACT Forklift is proud to offer a one-year warranty with all our Tora-Max electric pallet jacks. We also encourage buyers to "test drive" our products through our equipment rental service. Renting is a convenient, low-cost way to discover whether or not the equipment will suit your needs.



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